ANOTHER 270 homes could be built on the outskirts of Haddington.

Plans have been lodged with East Lothian Council to develop a field at Letham Mains Holdings, immediately to the north of Pencaitland Road on Haddington’s south-west edge.

Taylor Wimpey, Mactaggart and Mickel, Andrew Bain and Classhappy Ltd are behind the proposed L-shaped housing scheme which would number 274 homes.

A total of 69 affordable properties would also be built, with the council’s planning committee likely to consider the proposals.

Ward councillor Craig Hoy said the time had come to improve the town’s infrastructure.

He said: “Now that almost all the land identified for new housing in Haddington is being utilised, we must focus on getting better traffic management measures, more buses and enhanced public services in place.

“We need to take a long hard look at how sustainable this level of new housing is. Our schools, GP surgeries, buses, roads and railways simply won’t be able to cope unless we take steps to manage and restrict further development.

“The proposed development provides a significant number of affordable homes. But we need to make sure these homes really are affordable. Too many young people I speak to say that even affordable housing in the county is beyond their reach.”

Ward colleague Councillor Tom Trotter said people had mixed views on the proposed development.

He said: “This application will see the erection of a variety of new housing, flats and equally important affordable homes, which are badly needed in Haddington.

“I have been approached by a few people who are against this further development, stating similar issues as previously raised before the Letham housing commenced, and some who welcome it, especially the affordable units.

“Whilst I understand both points of view, the reality is that I do not think that this extension will look out of place with the present build, and the inclusion of affordable units will be welcome.”

The development, which is made up of 232 houses and 42 flats, would be split between Mactaggart and Mickel and Taylor Wimpey.

The larger section of the development would see Taylor Wimpey create 140 new homes, with 35 affordable.

The affordable home section would be made up of six one-bedroom flats and six two-bedroom flats, as well as 21 three-bedroom properties and two two-bedroom bungalows. Private housing would consist of six two-bedroom, 46 three-bedroom and 53 four-bedroom properties.

Meanwhile, Mactaggart and Mickel is responsible for 134 new homes, with 34 described as affordable.

A dozen affordable one-bedroom flats would be created, as well as 18 two-bedroom flats and four three-bedroom houses. The private housing section would include a dozen two-bedroom flats, as well as seven two-bedroom, 66 three-bedroom and 15 four-bedroom houses.

Access would come from three junctions from the larger Letham Mains site, with a further junction created off the unclassified road which passes through Letham Mains Holdings and links Pencaitland Road and the A199.

Speaking for both developers, Pauline Mills, land and planning director for Taylor Wimpey East Scotland, said: “We look forward to a determination later this year.”

A public exhibition on the plans was held 12 months ago.