A USED needle has been found on the road next to the Prestonpans Infant School building.

The discarded syringe was reported to East Lothian Council and removed from Grey School Corner, just off Ayres Wynd.

This comes after a number of needles were discovered at Greenhills and around the Preston Tower area, causing concern among residents.

DJ Johnston-Smith, a member of Prestonpans Community Council, said: “Such needle finds are becoming worryingly commonplace in communities across the country and cause great concern for those that come across them.

"Members of the public need to feel safe from potential harm, whether walking their dogs or visiting with small children, whilst also being aware of the appropriate authorities to report such incidences to so that the potentially hazardous material can be safely collected and disposed of.

“The increased prevalence of these needle discoveries only underscores the evident need for the introduction of safe consumption spaces, where professionals can offer in-house health advice directly to addicts, without fear of prosecution, and used needles can be easily and safely disposed of. "Until such times, it is worth reminding the community again that Bankton Pharmacy currently offers a needle exchange facility where users and their friends, family or carers can exchange and dispose of needles safely.”

The needles can be collected by East Lothian Council, which has a 24-hour service that can be reached on 01875 824307.

A spokesperson from the council said: “Following a report on Thursday, one of our community wardens safely removed a discarded syringe from a car park beside a sheltered housing complex in Prestonpans.

“We encourage anyone who spots any discarded syringes to call our contact centre’s 24-hour emergency line with as much information on the location as possible.

"We respond to any reports of syringes found in public areas as a priority and remove them safely.

"Members of the public should not attempt to touch or remove these items themselves.”