A DRIVER has been jailed after he admitted being behind the wheel of a vehicle on county roads while banned.

Steven Cull was jailed for three months after he pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified at the A199 near Macmerry and other roads earlier this year.

Cull, from Easthouses, was also found to have no valid insurance on the vehicle when he was stopped by police on June 25.

Cull, 21, was sentenced at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, where Sheriff Norman McFadyen jailed the offender for three months.

The sheriff also handed Cull a three-year road ban and admonished him on the lack of insurance charge.

The court was also told that Cull had breached two bail orders issued by the court in April and June.

Cull admitted driving with no insurance and while banned at Macmerry Industrial Estate, the A199 and other roads on June 25.