A MUSSELBURGH-based energy supplier is marking its second anniversary by extending its services beyond domestic consumers to target the UK’s small businesses.

People’s Energy, set up by Gullane couple David Pike and Karin Sode, says it will deliver market-leading tariffs direct to the SME (small to medium enterprise) market by cutting out intermediaries – the brokers who dominate the B2B (business-to-business) energy supply process.

And it has pledged to direct profits generated from the B2B offer to helping some of the country’s most vulnerable energy customers.

Mr Pike, CEO of People’s Energy, said: “Securing business energy supply can be more complicated than domestic supply, which explains the prevalence of brokers.

“However, using a third party inevitably has an impact on the cost as they get a cut and are not even obligated to find the best deal. It means businesses tend to pay more for energy. This isn’t fair.

“We want to shake up the status quo and offer small businesses the chance to take control of their energy needs by going direct. This allows us to be transparent and, crucially, offer great deals that could save a small business – a cafe, a hairdresser or a shop, for instance, that uses around 20,000KW a year – up to £3,000 in energy costs compared to one of the big six suppliers.

“In these times of uncertainty, the ability to make such savings is key.”

Given the ethos of People’s Energy is about operating fairly and ethically, the company has committed to directing part of the profits generated by its B2B offering to offset its planned introduction of pre-payment meters later this year.

Mr Pike said: “Pre-payment meters are generally relied on by those in society that have the least, but the tariffs are generally higher due to the costs involved and the fact there is more infrastructure required.

“We want to offer those people who must rely on pre-payment meters more affordable, fairer deals. It doesn’t seem fair that they have to pay more for their energy than others who are eligible for ordinary meters.

“Offsetting B2B profits in this way also lets businesses know they are contributing to the wider society.”

Since launching in August 2017 with support from crowdfunders, People’s Energy has built up a domestic customer or ‘member’ base of more than 40,000.