A BUDDING rugby player has followed in his mum’s footsteps to take on a senior role in the pupil community at Dunbar Grammar School.

Thomas Leitch has been named head boy at Dunbar Grammar School, nearly 30 years after his mum, Karen Leitch, nee MacKay, was named as head girl.

Thomas, 17, is joined by head girl Georgie Cross, with the duo looking to strengthen communication in the school and its eco credentials.

Thomas, whose mum was head girl in 1990-91, said: “Becoming head boy was always something I have been interested in.

“I would not say there was a pressure but I was pushed forward by my mum, who was head girl when she attended the school.

“I always wanted to give something back and I have enjoyed my six years and felt it was right for me.”

Georgie, also 17, previously planned to leave school and work for a year before looking to go on to university.

She said: “I made the decision to stay on towards the end of S5.

“I was involved in the pupil council and the set-up already within the school.

“I made my decision to stay on and decided I was not a person to sit idle or who wanted it nice and easy; I want to make a difference while I can, especially when I consider myself quite a confident person.”

Interested pupils put their names forward to become head boy or head girl and outlined what skills and attributes they possessed which they felt made them suitable.

A hustings then took place within the school before speeches were given in front of senior pupils encouraging them to vote for them.

An interview in front of Claire Slowther, headteacher at the school, and the outgoing head boy and head girl Ben Dorin and Hannah Dickson, followed before the results were revealed.

Now the duo, along with deputes Ben Totten, Niamh Goldie, Alicia Lancaster and Emma Welsh, are looking forward to a busy year ahead.

Thomas, who plays scrum-half for the school’s rugby team, told the Courier that communication had been at the heart of his manifesto.

He said: “I really focused on communication within the school and making sure it is not just senior management and senior pupils who get a say.

“It is everyone and I got that point across and set up drop-in sessions so we have always got younger pupils to get involved.”

Similarly, Georgie, of East Linton, was keen to strengthen the school’s eco profile.

She added: “One issue I would push, which the school is doing, is to make the school as eco as possible.

“There is a lot of buzz around climate change.”

Mrs Slowther said there was a strong list of candidates for the two roles.

She added: “Both Thomas and Georgie stood out with their confidence, commitment to the school and a real sense of what they wanted to bring to the school.”