LATE-NIGHT and early-morning patrols of Dunbar High Street will take place in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Proactive policing will be carried out on the busy street after members of the public attended a meeting highlighting concerns about behaviour during the hours of darkness.

Constable Gavin Ross, Dunbar and East Linton community officer, told the Courier how the issue had been raised at the recent community and police partnership (CAPP) meeting.

He said: “There was a lady at the meeting who lives near McColl’s.

“She has been there a year and noticed in the last few weeks the noise has been horrendous.

“She is referring to youth-related noise up until about 10pm and then later on, from maybe 12.30am to 2am, it is adults.”

The officer noted there had been complaints about people hanging around in bus shelters and kicking the shelter, as well as bins.

Similarly, there were complaints about people urinating in the street and the nearby closes.

PC Ross added: “There will be high-visibility patrols and I will be putting in a request for the weekends when we are not on duty for the area to get passing attention.”

The police will also link up with East Lothian Council to monitor the area by CCTV. Police will provide feedback about the issue at the next CAPP meeting, which takes place in the town’s police station on September 23.