A BUILDINGS survey carried out at Musselburgh Racecourse recommended £23,000 of repairs and maintenance as preparations for a new operator were carried out.

The independent report on the condition of buildings at the historic course found the majority of it was in a satisfactory condition.

However, it was critical of areas used by staff, which were in some parts described as being in a “poor” state.

It said the racecourse workshop, which houses both staff from the course and other East Lothian Council amenity services, required an overhaul, calling for flooring which it described as “very dirty” to be given a deep clean – and the toilet facilities too.

It said: “The electric shower, ceramic WCs and wash hand basins with chrome taps are in a poor condition and are either damaged or require a deep clean.”

East Lothian Council is currently seeking a third-party operator for the course, which is currently overseen by the Musselburgh Racing Associated Committee (MRAC).

The survey was carried out ahead of the tendering process to ensure the facilities were up to standard.

The report acknowledged the age of some of the older buildings on the site but highlighted missing ceiling tiles and grouting work which needed to be fixed.

It also urged operators to have a fire risk assessment carried out for the main grandstand to ensure the fire breaks in its roof space are sufficient.

The report was one of a number which were presented to MRAC in private at the end of last year.

They have now been released to the public under the Freedom of Information Act.

It is understood that local tradespeople are being used to carry out the work detailed in the survey, which is expected to cost substantially less than the independent estimate of £23,000.

Racecourse general manager Bill Farnsworth said: “Work is in progress to maintain standards around various parts of the racecourse and the expenditure is reasonable for a sporting and leisure facility which welcomes 70,000 visitors a year.”