A SPECIAL tartan is to be unveiled this weekend to mark the Nungate Gala celebrations.

Last year, a call was made for Nungate residents to come up with their own design for a Nungate Tartan.

More than a dozen entries were submitted, with the design of local resident Kate Cowan coming out on top (see image).

The concept was then registered and produced by Strathmore Weavers.

“The Nungate has a long history and has always had a strong identity of its own,” said Liz McDougall, chairwoman of the Nungate Gala Committee.

“When the suggestion came from dressmaker Paula Fairbairn for us to consider getting our own kilts for the gala day court, it sparked the idea of creating our very own Nungate tartan.

“It seemed to me that it would be appropriate if the design came from the community itself, so that’s how we have taken things forward, and through this journey, we have had support from Tesco.

“At this year’s gala, we will have more boys than ever in the queen’s court – all kitted out in kilts to showcase the tartan.

"We are very proud of our tartan and are delighted that it will be on show at this year’s gala day.”

Gala celebrations get under way at noon this Saturday and run through to 4pm.

The crowning of this year’s Gala Queen, Olivia McCulloch, takes place at 12.30pm followed by a procession through Haddington.

Among the attractions at the gala are a bonnie baby and fancy dress competition, as well as plenty for youngsters including bouncy castles and other rides.

There will also be a demonstration from W3L Wrestling to mark the 23rd Nungate Gala.

The gala committee chairwoman added: “Anyone with a connection with the Nungate or who simply likes the tartan will have the opportunity to purchase it and have it made into kilts and other items, all of which will bring some additional funds into the community.

“More importantly, the tartan is a great way for the Nungate to demonstrate that it is a vibrant community which takes pride in its own identity and has its own people at its heart – something which is also a foundation for our gala.

“We hope everyone who comes along on Saturday likes the tartan and has a great day.”