WEDDING cake, dancing and a letter from the Queen marked the Diamond Wedding anniversary of a Port Seton couple.

Ruth and Jimmy Good from North Seton Park celebrated 60 years of marriage with a stunning white wedding cake at a reception at Bellany Day Centre, followed a few days later by an evening at the Longniddry Inn.

Ruth, 78, said: “My husband attends the Bellany Centre.

"The manager, Ann invited us down to celebrate our anniversary.

"We walked in and everyone cheered, we all danced and then went through to cut the cake.

"It was all done up like a wedding reception.

“Jimmy and I met in Edinburgh, we’re both from there originally, only moving out here about 20 years ago. We met at the Palais in Fountainbridge.”

The Palais de Danse was one of the most popular nights out in the city in its heyday, playing host to the BBC series Come Dancing, before closing its doors in 1967.

Ruth continued: “We didn’t go on a honeymoon or anything, in those days you could not really afford it. You just went back to work and got on with things.”

Ruth and Jimmy, 83, even received a card from the Queen congratulating them for reaching this milestone.

She said: “The letter from the Queen was so lovely.

"It says that she is pleased to know that we are celebrating our diamond wedding anniversary and she sends us congratulations.

"She has signed it Elizabeth. Even the picture on the front of the card, she looks so beautiful. It really was wonderful.”

So, what is the secret to a 60-year marriage? Ruth laughed: “No idea! I suppose it’s really important to get on well with each other.

"You’re going to have your ups and downs; everyone does and that’s OK.”