A GRANDMOTHER is recovering in hospital after being knocked down and injured by a lorry on Tranent High Street following a “low speed” collision.

Iris Givan, 59, of nearby Balfour Square, was using the pedestrian crossing at the traffic lights near Winton Place at about 3pm last Thursday when it is thought she stumbled and fell.

Daughter Lynette Givan, 39, told the Courier that her mum “held on to the lorry for support when the lorry moved forward” after the green man but that the driver “mustn’t have seen her due to the size of the cab”.

Said Lynette: “She can remember someone shouting at the lorry driver and banging on the window, and someone holding her hand, but not much else. She was really dazed and confused.

“My sister works in Thomson’s, which is right next to the lights it happened at. Someone ran in and said to her that it was mum that had been hit, so she was able to run out and get in the ambulance to go to the hospital with her. She called us all then.

“Mum has needed an operation on her elbow and an operation on her foot and they’ve super-glued her head!

“She’ll be having another operation on her elbow before she gets out, so I can’t see her getting home anytime soon.”

Iris has three children and four grandchildren living in the area.

Lynette added: “She’s got a lot of family and friends around her. Everyone in Tranent knows her and they’ve all been so nice.

“Obviously, there was a lot of chat on social media about the accident, people hoping that she was OK before they even knew who it was who had been hurt, which is so nice. I posted that she was going to be fine, as so many people had been worried.

“It happened just as the kids were getting out of school, so a lot of them saw it and were upset – I thought it would help for them to know that she was OK.

“There were hundreds of comments under the post of people wishing her well. It was really amazing. People have been fantastic.

“We’re all obviously just really happy that she is going to be OK and it wasn’t more serious.”

David Forrest, chair of Tranent and Elphinstone Community Council, sent his best wishes to Iris, adding: “The community council has raised concerns in the past about traffic congestion on the street and, with the proposed house building to the south or Tranent, it can only get worse.”

Hundreds posted on social media following the accident wishing Iris a speedy recovery.

Lynette added: “Tranent is really amazing. Thank you to everyone who has wished mum well.”

Police Scotland said that the collision was believed to have occurred at low speed.

A spokesperson said: “A 59-year-old female pedestrian has suffered an injury to her wrist which is being treated in hospital. “

Police confirmed that no charges would follow the incident.