DAVID Sisson is a former Labour Party member and a former Unite workplace representative.

He has worked as a tradesman at East Lothian Council for the past 18 years, having lived in Dalkeith, Musselburgh and more recently Ormiston.

David is 60 and has a broad-ranging career having worked for major companies including Dixon’s Group and PricewaterhouseCoopers and a few other SME enterprises, being employed in a variety of roles from electrician, salesman, IT consultant/engineer, project/programme co-ordinator, even as CEO of a small communications company.

David finds he enjoys the practical, hands-on type work afforded to him by his original trade, which he was happy to return to when he first relocated to Scotland.

However, he now feels it may be time for another change and sees an opportunity to make a greater contribution to his local community by serving them in a political role.

He feels democratic choice needs to be exercised across the UK.

He said: “If we exercise our democracy, maybe it can heal and that can’t be done if no one stands for it. So I am proud to have been selected to stand for UKIP in the election.”