HADDINGTON'S swimming pool shuts tomorrow (Tuesday) for a nine-week refurbishment.

One of East Lothian’s original sports facilities ‘Haddington Swimming Pool’, as it was first known as, opened its doors in September 1974.

The much-loved site at the Aubigny Sports Centre consists of a four-lane swimming pool and East Lothian’s only dedicated infant pool.

Currently the facility welcomes about 1,400 bathers to the pool each week for swimming lessons, AquaFit classes, club training, school and public use.

Operators enjoyleisure posted on Facebook: "After 34 years, Aubigny Sports Centre's swimming pool hall is getting a well-earned facelift.

"The swimming pools and health suite will close on Tuesday for nine weeks to complete a refurbishment of the pool hall.

"Don’t worry, the rest of the sports centre will remain open for all your gym, fitness and sporting activities."

The refurbishment will include both essential maintenance and interior décor upgrades.

The refurbishment plans include the complete replacement of custom-fit ceiling window panels and a new roof covering.

Inside the pool hall, following a complete drain of both pools, a light and bright ceiling covering will replace the outdated wood cladding.

A new energy efficient lighting scheme will be fitted which will transform the look and feel of the facility for the benefit of all users.

Furthermore, existing wall tiles will be replaced with wall liner panels to complete the fresh new look.

The final day of the works is scheduled to be Friday, June 28.

Swimming lessons there are scheduled to resume on Monday, July 1.