A DUNBAR Grammar School student has hit the silver screen in a new movie with 300 star Gerard Butler.

Lewis Dean is already recognisable from big hits such as T2 Trainspotting and Outlaw King and is now playing the lead character’s son in new film The Vanishing.

The movie is based on the true story of three lighthouse keepers at Flannan Isle in Scotland who mysteriously disappeared without a trace in 1900.

It was filmed in Port Logan, Galloway, on the west coast.

“It was a really fun experience,” said Lewis, 13.

“Everyone was really nice to me on set, and I got to play Gerard Butler’s son which was amazing.

“He was great, and even told my dad that I was talented and a tough cookie after a long day’s filming”

Lewis, from Meikle Park Road, Dunbar, joined an acting group when the family still lived in Paisley – Gerard Butler’s home town – with his two brothers.

All three children now have an agent, and Lewis and brother Brandon starred together in Outlaw King, making up two of the four children picked for the production.

“Some people at school have asked for selfies and things with me, though I don’t really talk about it too much,” said Lewis

“He’s very modest” added mother Karen.

“We’re so unbelievably proud of him. To see him on the red carpet with all these famous actors was surreal.”

The Vanishing is out in cinemas now after premiering at the Glasgow Film Festival in February.