A MUM who confronted her son about taking drugs was subjected to a tirade of abuse, including being threatened with murder.

Liam Donaldson was told by a sheriff he had behaved in “a shocking way” towards mum Catherine during an altercation between the pair last year.

Donaldson told his mother that he would “batter her” and “murder her” after she had confronted him about his drug-taking.

Donaldson, of Muirpark Wynd, Tranent, turned up at his mother’s home in the town and let himself into the property, where Mrs Donaldson eventually found him in his bedroom after she had returned from work.

She confronted Donaldson about his drug-taking the previous evening and he soon became aggressive and began shouting and swearing at the woman.

The woman was forced to leave the property “in fear” and she was called “a b****” by 23-year-old Donaldson, who had followed her outside.

A neighbour overheard the row and found Mrs Donaldson crying following the incident at the town’s Baxter’s Gate.

Donaldson admitted the offence when he appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court last October and he returned for sentencing last week.

Sheriff Alison Stirling told Donaldson he was being placed on a three-month restriction of liberty order and will be electronically tagged for the whole of that period.

Donaldson must stay within his home address between the hours of 8pm and 6am each day.

Previously, the court heard that Mrs Donaldson had returned to her home on October 1 last year, where Donaldson then made the remarks to his mother including the murder threat.

Defence solicitor Mary Moultrie said that her client suffered from “depression and anxiety” and was currently under a non-harassment order and a supervision order resulting from a previous incident.

Ms Moultrie added that Donaldson had “little recollection” of the events that evening and “drink or drugs had been involved”.

During last October’s hearing, Sheriff Alison Stirling told Donaldson: “This is a shocking way to behave towards your mother.”

Donaldson admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting, swearing, acting aggressively, kicking a door and uttering threats of violence towards Catherine Donaldson at Baxter’s Gate, Tranent, on October 1 last year.