A CHUNKY cat, who once ate an entire cheesecake, is feline much better after being crowned top cat in the UK’s largest pet slimming competition.

Chester weighed in at a whopping 7.6 kilogrammes but has shed 17 per cent of his bodyweight.

Now, the ten-year-old is a more svelte 6.3 kilogrammes, meaning he has lost 3lbs.

Each year, vet charity PDSA helps the UK’s fattest pets battle the bulge in a six-month diet and exercise challenge, specially tailored and overseen by its vets and nurses.

This year’s joint Pet Fit Club Champions are Borris the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, from Kent, and Sadie the Labrador, from Essex.

Both lost an incredible 25 per cent of their bodyweight during the competition, with Chester, from Dunbar, crowned top cat.

Lisa Gilmour, who got Chester when he was just a kitten, said: “It’s been brilliant to be part of Pet Fit Club because it’s made such a big difference to Chester – he’s a completely different cat!

“Before, he would sleep all the time and do his best to avoid us.

“But now he joins in and shows much more interest – he greets us at the door and comes to us for cuddles!

“He is much happier and no longer looks miserable.

“He runs rather than plods - it’s done him the world of good!”

Chester, who lives with Lisa, along with partner Lindsay and sons Rhys and Ryan, became so fat in such a short time that his owners initially thought he must have an underlying medical condition.

But when tests came back negative, it was clear too much food and a lack of exercise were at the root of the problem.

Before Pet Fit Club, Chester, who lives with the family on Newhouse Avenue, enjoyed multiple servings of food throughout the day from different family members, plus leftovers from his fellow house cat.

However, six months on a strict diet and exercise programme has completely changed his life.

Chester’s weight-loss has been supervised by Kathryn Marshall, Veterinary Care Assistant at Edinburgh PDSA Pet Hospital.

Overall, this year’s Pet Fit Club finalists lost 28.5kg (4st 7lb).