A MAN brandished a sharp object at a group of people after an argument about noise.

Steven Whyte, described as a prisoner of HMP Edinburgh, challenged a group of people who were chatting outside a pub in Haddington late at night.

Whyte told the group, from a flat window, that they were making too much noise and, after a verbal altercation, he arrived downstairs carrying the implement.

Whyte, 28, began shouting and swearing before making threatening remarks towards the group.

He also acted aggressively and brandished the sharp object at the group during the incident on Bridge Street on July 26.

The original charge stated that Whyte brandished a knife at the group but the Crown amended the charge to state ‘a sharp object’ instead and Whyte pleaded guilty.

Sheriff Thomas Welsh QC said there was no alternative to a custodial sentence and imprisoned Whyte for 18 months, backdating the sentence to July 27.