A FLASHER made “helicopter-like moves” with his genitals after dropping his trousers and dancing on the counter of a McDonald’s restaurant.

Musselburgh man Ryan Dolan dropped his trousers and pants while at the takeaway outlet at South St Andrews Street in Edinburgh earlier this year.

The 29-year-old jumped onto the counter and pretended to serve customers before performing a bizarre dance which saw him use “helicopter-like moves” with his genitals.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court was told that police attended following the incident on July 22 and identified Dolan from CCTV footage.

Dolan, of Millhill Wynd, was subsequently arrested and charged the next day.

Dolan appeared at the city court last Wednesday, where he pleaded guilty to committing an act of public indecency at the McDonald’s by dancing naked and exposing his genitals.

Fiscal depute Nicole Lavelle told the court that Dolan arrived at the outlet at about 5am and soon began his naked antics as staff served customers.

Ms Lavelle said: “Out of the blue he took off his trousers and pants, showing off his penis and testicles, and was dancing with his trousers down.

“He grabbed his penis and started to play with it pretending to serve customers and started dancing again, carrying out helicopter-like moves with his penis.”

The court was told that Dolan had two previous convictions for similar offences and was fined £500.

Dolan admitted to committing an act of indecency by repeatedly removing his trousers and pants, making gestures with his penis, and dancing naked in front of staff and members of the public at McDonald’s, Edinburgh, on July 22.