TRANENT and Elphinstone Community Council (TECC) is to formally object to plans for 750 houses at Windygoul South.

A planning application for the site was submitted last month by Walker Group Ltd.

The site plan extends Windygoul South to the Charles River Research Institute and Carlaverock Farm.

But at a TECC meeting, members voiced their concerns over the proposals.

Robert McNeill, community councillor, told the meeting: “In all my years on the community council, I can’t recall us making a formal objection about any developments in Tranent.

“We try to be very proactive to any problems and find a solution. However, I think we really need to take a stand on this one.”

Mr McNeill added: “I think we need to be clear that it will have a major impact on our community. Not just on schools, or traffic, but GPs and our health, the environment, the cemetery.

“I just feel that if we don’t object to this application now, I don’t think I can continually voice my concerns about traffic and the impact on the community. I think it’s time for us to take a stand.

“By objecting, we are making our views known, and it’s a view shared by many in Tranent.

“Maybe a lot of people don’t want to be vocal about it, but I do think it’s an opportunity that we cannot miss.

“I do think as a community we need to be sending a clear message out. Enough is enough. The community can’t take it any longer.”

David Forrest, TECC chairman, shared these concerns, pointing out the lack of infrastructure as the main reason for objecting to the plans.

He said: “Grounds for an objection has to be that the infrastructure in Tranent couldn’t cope with another 750 houses on the south side of Tranent.

“All that traffic would be travelling through the centre, whether it’s to get to Edinburgh or just to go shopping.

“Tranent is unique, traffic-wise, in East Lothian. You have Ormiston which has doubled or trebled in size, you’re going to have all these houses on the south side, and they’re all still going to go down Tranent High Street. Nobody drives into North Berwick or Dunbar through the main street. Tranent is totally different.

“Another 750 houses will all go through the main street in Tranent and that’s the point we’ve got to get across.”

Fellow TECC member David Thomson added: “East Lothian Council made a statement about April, that there was no need to improve the infrastructure. However, on the recent Kingslaw planning application, they actually said that the impact on traffic from 175 houses would be excessive and detrimental to the local community.

“If they deem that that 175 houses is excessive, how can they possibly say that 750 houses is not going to be three, four times, worse than that.

“Until the roads are built they shouldn’t be building the houses.”