A FORMER police officer was last week appointed the first-ever female president of the Rotary Club of North Berwick.

Liz Martin took the chains of office from Roy Symon at the Macdonald Marine Hotel in the town last Tuesday evening.

And on her appointment, Liz said: "I am really looking forward to my year as president of this wonderful club.

"I want to show more people what we have to offer and what we do.

"I should particularly like to see more women members and also some more active men getting involved.

"We are a great team, working together for the benefit of others."

Liz grew up in Ayr, studied dental therapy in London but on qualifying, opted for a chance of career and joined the police force.

She was medically discharged in 1995 and now works at Leuchie House.

The new president explained why she joined the rotary club.

Liz said: "I wanted to get really involved in my local community and do something at the same time where I could have a lot of fun.

"I had heard that Rotarians were prepared to give their time and effort to help people in need locally and abroad. So, I approached a Rotarian, who was collecting at Tesco, and was told that the club did not have any women members but would love some!

"I went to a meeting and was made so welcome that I decided to stay!

"The members are such wonderful people and we have a lot of fun in what we do, as well as through the active social side.”

The Rotary Club of North Berwick now has four female members, but Liz is hoping to see others sign up.

She said: "We are a constantly changing club, moving with the times; there is room for more."