A BENCH placed at Seton Sands just six weeks ago has been destroyed after vandals set it alight.

The seating was part of a makeover carried out on the beach front which saw new decking put down and planters along with the bench.

Following the blaze on Saturday members of the community rallied to help clear up the damage.

Seton Sands Holiday Village also provided a temporary bench and table to replace the destroyed seat until a new one can be found.

Their Ranger Scott Ironside posted a video on his official Facebook page of the clear up.

He said the response from the community had been fantastic.

The boardwalk was officially opened at the end of April when Beach Wheelchairs launched at Seton Sands.


It has been named in memory of James Lewis, the nephew of community stalwart Marlene Love.

A child’s beach wheelchair is now available for loan from Seton Sands Holiday Village to access the beach.

Funding for the walk was provided through the Preston Seton Gosford Area Partnership.