A DECISION to invite the Berwickshire Hunt to Haddington Show has led to a storm of online complaints.

The show, which takes place on June 30, has been running annually in East Lothian since 1804.

However, a post on the show’s Facebook page yesterday (Thursday) has sparked outrage from a number of members of the public.

The post, which has been deleted on Facebook but remains on Twitter, reads: “We are delighted that Berwickshire Hunt will be joining us at Haddington Show with a parade of hounds.

“Come and see them and their smart red coats in the main ring on show day.”

The announcement was met by an angry reaction from a number of people on social media.

Gabrielle Bonar said: “A ******* disgrace. Should not be allowed. Very disappointing. Won’t be going this year.”

Meanwhile, Evelyn Weir said: “Not the right decision for me, that’s for sure. I will now not be attending with my family, along with quite a few other people I know. The only ‘smart red coat’ I respect is the one on the fox.

“Even if the Haddington Show committee don’t care about losing respect, they will most definitely lose money, and they might care about that. It’s an annual tradition to go – but I’m out!”

Allan James Beaton added: “Absolutely shocking… What are we, back in the dark ages…

“[Fox hunting] is a disgusting barbaric so-called sport that has no place in today’s society.”

However, there were people who felt differently.

Alan Hardwick said: “Country show, country ways. The same way people who agree with it have to deal with the anti-fraternity, except they don’t feel the need to abuse and terrorise them.”

Similarly, Sally Turnbull said: “Never been to a Haddington Show yet but I’m gonna try this year if work allows.

“They are fab to see and the dogs are beautiful all excited but then I’d not be part of what they do personally it is part of history and country life.

“Each to their own and sure it will still be a fab day out.”

A spokeswoman for the Haddington Show declined to comment.