AFTER an argument with a neighbour, a Musselburgh man threatened him while holding a knife, shouting “I’ll cut you open”.

David Couch, of Moir Avenue, received a prison term for that offence and more time in jail for a breach of a bail order when he appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on two consecutive days last week.

In the knife incident of December 2 last year, fiscal depute Christine Danbolt told the court last Thursday that a couple were within their home at the town’s Moir Avenue when they heard Couch shouting within their communal stairwell.

They went out to see what the trouble was and saw Couch arguing with another neighbour.

Couch was shouting and swearing before leaving the area and then returning carrying a large kitchen knife.

He was heard to shout “I’ll cut you open” as he carried the blade in his hand.

Couch then placed the knife in the letterbox of the couple’s home before fleeing the scene once the police had been alerted.

Police attended at his home on the same street and found the knife in the hallway. A search was conducted for Couch and he was subsequently found hiding in a garden.

Solicitor Colm Dempsey said that his client had been involved in “a deplorable incident” but added there had been “no injuries” to any of the parties involved. He said Couch had “a lengthy record” but had since stopped using illegal substances.

Sheriff Kenneth McGowan heard that Couch was not considered fit to carry out unpaid work in the community so imposed a 60-day jail term instead.

That came a day after Couch had been jailed for admitting contacting Michael Graham after he had been told not to approach or contact the man.

Couch had been placed on a bail order not to contact Mr Graham at the court on December 4 last year.

But he broke the court order by turning up at the man’s workplace less than two weeks later.

The court heard that Mr Graham was working at the McColl’s store at Delta Drive in Musselburgh.

Fiscal depute Nicole Lavelle said that Couch turned up at at about 3.20pm on December 12 but was soon asked to leave by Mr Graham.

But Couch refused to leave the shop, leading to Mr Graham phoning the police and reporting the incident.

Couch then left the premises and was eventually picked up by police officers the following day.

Solicitor Mr Dempsey said his client was a single man and had been “using drugs at the time of the offence”.

Mr Dempsey added that Couch, 31, was now clean of illegal drugs and had recently been prescribed methadone.

Sheriff Norman McFadyen decided to mark the offence by jailing Couch for 60 days.