POLICE in North Berwick insist they are tackling speeding vehicles on the town’s Grange Road.

The issue of motorists speeding along the road, near to the town’s two schools, has been raised twice in the past four months by community council vice-chairwoman Claire Mackenzie.

The problem has also been discussed at the town’s community and police partnership (CAPP) meeting and at a meeting of North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership.

Community police officers Deborah Gray and John Paterson attended a meeting of North Berwick Community Council (NBCC) to re-assure members. PC Gray said: “We are aware of the issue of speeding on Grange Road.

“We have been giving it some attention and will be doing speed checks.”

Previously, Mrs Mackenzie said that the area was “not safe” due to the number of vehicles driving too fast along the street. She questioned whether there was a need to lower the speed limit after fellow NBCC member Bill Macnair argued it was very difficult for cars to travel at more than the 30 miles per hour limit.

Mr Macnair said: “Most cars come along there at 25 or 28 [mph], which is within the speed limit.”