RESCUE dog Angus marked a special birthday this week as he celebrated turning an incredible 20 years old.

Angus, who lives in Haddington with owner Barbara McDonald, celebrated the big day with a party thrown on Tuesday by his local vet practice, Animals 1st.

And he was sent a special birthday wish from the practice’s youngest vet Kirsty, Melton who is the same age!

Angus was adopted by Mrs McDonald, of Seggarsdean Court, when he was nine years old after his previous owner became too unwell to care for him.

Mrs McDonald, 73, said: “I lost my husband, Bobby, a few months before Angus came to live with me. He was a real lifeline for me – I had someone to care about and look after. He really saved me.”

Although Angus is described as a 57-variety pooch, he shows similarities to terrier breeds, who live on average to about 14 years old.

The Guinness World Records say it is rare for authentic records of dogs living over 20 years to be reported.

The official oldest dog in the world was an Australian Cattle Dog called Bluey who lived to 29 years and five months and died in 1939.

And despite Angus reaching an age which in human terms is the equivalent of 103 for a dog of his size, he shows few signs of slowing down.

Mrs McDonald said: “He has arthritis and is stone deaf but we put him on joint supplement Nutraquin and he has had a new lease of life and is bouncing around.

“He’s a really happy wee dog who just loves people and has a great character.”

And she added: “I’m delighted he has reached such a great age.”

Angus was joined at his birthday party by a select few of his elderly four-legged friends whose ages pale in comparison to the guest of honour – two Mollys, aged 14 and ten, and new rescue dog Tilly, who was adopted last week from Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home and is believed to be between eight and ten.

They all tucked in to a special dog-friendly cake and dog beer as well as lots of snacks before leaving with little paw-shaped favours with the birthday boy’s name, age and the date on it.