PARENTS are threatening to boycott an East Lothian primary school amid claims that a convicted sex offender is being allowed access to their children.

Tensions are running high among some parents and carers at the school after the man, who is known locally, was seen regularly dropping off and collecting a child from the nursery.

Earlier this week more than a dozen parents and carers held a meeting to voice their concerns about the man’s presence. The Courier has decided not to name the man or the school.

Parents vowed to hold protests at the man’s home and the school and withdraw their children unless he is removed from the community.

One mum said: “He hangs around the playground unchecked while children are in it and when I raised concerns with the school I was told he had ‘done his time’.

“He is a dangerous predator and should not be anywhere near our children. What has to happen before something is done?”

The man involved was convicted of abusing two young girls several years ago and was jailed for more than a year; he also has other convictions. Angry parents say that, despite this, he openly hangs around at the school grounds and appears to taunt them.

One said: “He is clearly a sexual predator and utterly shameless, it is almost as if he gets a buzz from upsetting people. Whenever I see him he has a mobile phone in his hand; God knows if he is taking pictures or recording the children.

“There is no way he should be allowed anywhere near the school; surely someone else, even social workers, could bring the child. He shouldn’t be living near us.”

One gran added: “Either he goes or our kids go.”

A spokesman for East Lothian Council said: “The council works closely with our partner agencies to ensure that Scottish Government guidance relating to the safe management of offenders is followed. Our Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) make the protection of children, vulnerable adults and others a key priority in relation to the management of sex offenders. Although we cannot comment on individual cases, we can confirm there are robust processes and procedures in place to manage sex offenders.”