DETERMINED mum Kerry Rait will take part in this year’s Edinburgh Half Marathon to raise money in memory of her baby son Finn, who died earlier this year.

Kerry, 34, and husband Paul lost their youngest son in February when he was nearly 11 weeks old.

Finn, who was born with a blocked bowel and diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis not long after birth, spent his entire life in hospital.

And when mum Kerry signed up for the half marathon, the family had spent Christmas at Finn’s side in hospital and were hopeful for the future as he appeared to be making good progress.

Sadly, Finn died unexpectedly at the start of February, but Kerry has vowed to carry on with her plan to run in the charity race to support the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, as a tribute to her baby boy.

Kerry and Paul live in Inveresk with older son Rory, who is two.

Finn was born on November 21, arriving early at just 34 weeks.

Kerry recalled: “He was a titch, but the most beautiful little titch I’ve ever seen, equal only to his big brother Rory of course.

“He was in the neo-natal unit at Simpsons before moving to Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital.

“He was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis which neither of us had any family history of, and underwent two operations but he was doing really well and everything was going so well.

“He was a week, maybe two weeks, from coming home when we lost him.”

Finn died unexpectedly from cardiac and respiratory arrest on the night of Sunday, February 5. An investigation into his death is ongoing.

During Finn’s time in hospital Kerry decided to sign up for the half marathon to help cope with her frustration at not being able to look after her new son as she had expected.

Kerry, who works as a research scientist, has run in the past but admits she has not taken part in anything as challenging as the half marathon since Rory was born.

She said: “It was with a sense of frustration, frustration at not being able to look after Finn myself, frustration at not being able to truly express my gratitude to those around me, frustration at not being able to be the mum to Rory I once was, and frustration at spending yet another day just sitting and watching others know more about my child than me, that I decided I needed to do ‘something’.”

Despite losing Finn in February, the mum has continued with her plan to raise funds in the charity run, which takes place on Sunday, May 28.

She said: “Now I am running it in memory of Finn, for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation who helped us immensely.

“While there are many questions still unanswered surrounding his death the support we received remains.”

Kerry launched a JustGiving page online for people who want to sponsor her run.

To support Kerry and make donations go to