A EUROPEAN championship in stone stacking takes place on a Dunbar beach next month.

The stone-stacking competition, organised by the Dunbar Street Art Trail (DSAT), takes place on Earth Day, April 22, on the beach to the west of the town's leisure pool.

The winner will earn a place at the World Stone Stacking Championships, held annually in Llano, Texas. 

DSAT founders James Page and Steven Hill have worked closely with the team in Texas to put their own event together. 

James said: “Stone stacking is both art and meditation, using free materials found on beaches and in parks. 

“You can create temporary artistic monuments for passers-by to enjoy. 

“The benefit you find in trying this activity is the moments of clarity when you are zoned in to searching for the next stone or the sweet spot of gravity when you know you’ve got the perfect balance.

"Anyone can do this activity and it’s free to do, with the materials recycled each time; beaches are fantastic as the natural tide brings with it new stones and spreads them along the coast.”

For details, including how to sign up, find DSAT on Facebook or visit the Dunbar Street Art Trailwebsite.