WORLD-FAMOUS actor Ewan McGregor took time out of his busy schedule to pay a visit to North Berwick... for an ice cream!

The 45-year-old dropped into Alanda's Gelateria on Thursday evening, where he chatted briefly with staff before buying a Madagascan vanilla ice-cream cone.

McGregor has been in Edinburgh this week filming the Trainspotting 2 movie, and paid a visit to Alanda's during his time off.

Valentina Black, one of the shop's directors, was in when the Star Wars star paid a visit.

On Friday afternoon, she told the Courier: "We got a massive surprise to see Ewan McGregor buying an ice cream cone in our shop.

"He was so friendly once we asked if it really was him, and he let us take a few photos with him."

She explained that the star, from Perthshire, was "so down to earth".

Valentina added: "He even had a little chat with us for about 10 minutes.

"He asked where we were from, and what schools we went to.

"Safe to say we were star struck."