PLANS for a development of 36 new homes in Dirleton have been lodged with East Lothian Council.

Developer CALA Homes says that it has worked heavily with village residents and Dirleton Village Association ahead of submitting the application for houses which predominantly range between three and five bedrooms.

If the plans are approved, there would be a mix of semi-detached and detached houses, while 10 two-and-three-bedroom affordable homes would also be included in the site.

The proposed development would be located to the south of Dirleton, on land identified for housing in East Lothian Council’s Proposed Local Development Plan, with the the 1.5 storey housing purposely designed for the site.

Andrew Statham, land buyer with CALA Homes (East), said: “We are delighted to be progressing with this exciting development that will complement Dirleton’s surrounds, with a modern design interpretation providing quality family housing.”

“It is more than 10 years since CALA last developed within the village, and on this occasion we have chosen to provide a variety of product that is generally smaller and can meet local demand.”

Alan Stewart, partner at JTP Architects, which has been asked to design the houses, added: “With Dirleton being a conservation village, it is important that design is seen to evolve from the local context.

“The proposed housing takes design cues from local buildings, while we have repeated the outward-looking southern edge to the village. Set within a landscape edge incorporating open space and tree planting, we have ensured that the setting of Dirleton Castle is retained.

“We have also tried to minimise the impact upon site neighbours, by exceeding set-back distances and taking vehicular access from Station Road.”

If the plans, which have been submitted to East Lothian Council, are given the go-ahead, building work could begin at the beginning of next year.

Dave Holloway, secretary of Dirleton Village Association, told the Courier the group was “not opposed to development”. He added: We accept that our village, despite its conservation status, should accept its fair share of the housing needs that are being imposed on this county.

“However, because of that status, any development must be sensitive and appropriately designed.

“We have not yet had sight of the planning applications, so any comments are based on the last set of proposals put before the association and residents.

“We have concerns over, among other things, the scale, the house designs, and the site layout of both sets of proposals presented to us. That concern is shared by a well-informed and expert group of residents who have initiated a campaign to seek a more appropriate and acceptable set of proposals.”