AN AMERICAN student at a prestigious furniture school has designed a unique crib in time for the birth of his daughter.

Sam Rouse is currently studying at the Chippendale International School of Furniture, near Gifford.

The 24-year-old moved to Scotland, along with his wife Kayla, to pursue his lifelong passion for woodworking, after meeting at university in Virginia.

When they finally achieved their family goal of enrolling Sam into the Chippendale School, it was only natural that his first furniture project would be for the newest member of his family.

Sam completed the crib, inspired from his own childhood spending summer holidays on the North Carolina coast, just in time for the birth of Liliana last month.

He said: “Not every baby gets a custom-made boat for a bed. I hope that Liliana will one day have children of her own, and that her crib will become a family heirloom.”

The crib is made from ash, elm and fumed oak, with cherry and walnut accents and has an anchor-shaped floor stand.

Its side planks were hand-planed and each detail meticulously crafted.

Sam added: “There is something truly special about having a piece of furniture in your home that was made specifically for you – quality furniture that not only looks beautiful but is sturdy enough to stand the test of time.

“I believe that there are many people who are looking for just that and I plan to help them create inspiring pieces of furniture that will truly be enjoyed and handed down the generations.”

The Chippendale International School of Furniture takes students from all over the world for its immersive 30-week course. This year’s students come from countries from Russia to New Zealand.