IT DREW large crowds for its debut display at the Scottish Parliament, and now The Great Tapestry of Scotland is weaving its way to Cockenzie House and Gardens.

The venue is honoured to have been selected to host the stitched depiction of Scotland’s story from next Saturday (October 19) to December 8 – the first time it will have been available for public viewing since being unveiled at Holyrood last month.

Showcasing 420 million years of Scottish history in 160 panels, the world’s longest tapestry was the brainchild of the 44 Scotland Street author Alexander McCall Smith.

Together with county artist Andrew Crummy, historian Alistair Moffat and stitch co-ordinator Dorie Wilkie, a team was formed to spearhead the project.

Two-years-plus in the making, it needed more than 1,000 volunteer needleworkers, who devoted more than 65,000 hours of stitching and used 300-plus miles of wool in the process!

All 160 panels will be on display in the rooms of Cockenzie House.

With many people from the Port Seton area involved in bringing the unique project to fruition, organisers say this will be a great opportunity for the community to enjoy the results. Marietta DiCiacca, Cockenzie House and Gardens chair, said: “We are proud to be the first venue in Scotland for the tapestry outwith the Scottish Parliament.

“It is also a tribute to Andrew Crummy, who did the artwork for the tapestry.

“Cockenzie House will provide an excellent setting for the tapestry and we are determined to do it proud.

“The exhibition will be an enormous challenge for a small organisation like ourselves but we have no doubt the community will rally round to ensure its success.

“We look forward to welcoming the many visitors who will come to view the tapestry. This will really put Cockenzie House and Gardens on the map.” The tapestry will be on show daily, 10am-4pm, with last admission at 3pm.