Appearances on national TV, adoring fans sending him pictures, being recognised by strangers in shops - Prestonpans six-year-old Jack Henderson has been caught up in the whirlwind of fame.

Little over a week after the youngster first put pen to paper on a fundraising initiative for the Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh, his drawings have become an unlikely internet phenomenon and netted more than £7,000 - making Jack an overnight celebrity.

Now the Cockenzie Primary School pupil, who has already had television news cameras turn up at his door at Struan Wynd after the Courier ran a story last week on his fundraising idea, faces busy days ahead.

While he does his best to keep up with an avalanche of requests for drawings - which include anything from suns and rainbows to 'banana riding a skateboard' and 'a rubber duck riding a bike shooting lasers' - leaving him with a backlog of more than 400 to work his way through, he and his family can now look forward to another TV appearance when they star as guests on STV chat show 'The Hour' today (Friday).

Dad Ed told the Courier his son was loving all the attention he was getting.

"Jack's very cocooned from it all, he's not been exposed to it too much," he said. "He thinks he's the most famous person in the world right now and wants to go to the shops because he thinks everyone will recognise him!

"But actually when we did go to the shops at Port Seton a couple of people did recognise him! And now I'm no longer known as Ed, just as 'Jack's Dad'!

"We hadn't thought about how much Jack could raise. We started thinking he might get about £100 from friends and family and there was something at the back of my head that if he stuck it out he could maybe double that figure. But I never thought he could get this far!" Jack came up with the fundraising idea as a way of saying thank you to the Sick Kids, the hospital which frequently cares for his 22-month-old brother Noah, who has been admitted regularly due to a condition which leaves him struggling to breathe whenever he gets a cold.

He enlisted the help of dad Ed, a website designer, to create his own page on the internet, came up with his own logo - a hedgehog with pens for prickles - and invited visitors to request a drawing from him, which he would upload on the site and send off to them as soon as it was ready. All he asked for was a donation to the Sick Kids.

And despite Ed's initial worries, word soon spread. The quirky idea proved a huge hit with visitors and within just six hours of the site going live last Monday the original £100 target had been passed.

Within 24 hours, the total was up to £250 and new fundraising targets of £500 then £1,000, were duly smashed. By Wednesday morning, Jack's drawings had raised more than £7,000 - turning young Jack into an unlikely star.

As well as his brushes with film crews, Jack has even been drawn a picture by an admiring fan as a token of her appreciation.

Although Jack's initial aim of raising £1 million remains a fair way in the distance, the total is rapidly shooting up to his latest target of £10,000.

And Jack's family - which as well as Ed and Noah also includes mum Rose and three-year-old brother Toby - are doing their best to keep Jack's feet on the ground and make sure he does not get overwhelmed by the incredible volume of picture requests - or lose his love of drawing.

They are still undecided whether to help Jack with his workload or let him draw all the pictures, but will likely make a decision in the coming days.

The family have now set a deadline for picture requests - Monday, April 4 at 10am.

To find out more about Jack's progress, view his drawings, request a drawing and make a donation, visit Jack's website, But stealing the artwork Jack has worked so hard to produce is not on. The enterprising youngster warns people who might take his pictures without asking, "I'll become a lawyer when I grow up".