Chris Packham is to present a new Inside Our Minds series which explores what it is like to live with dyslexia and ADHD.

It follows the first instalment which saw the TV presenter and environmentalist help autistic people illustrate how their minds work to their friends and family following his own diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome.

The forthcoming two-part BBC Two series will look at dyslexia in one episode and ADHD in the other, giving four contributors the opportunity to show how they see the world in their own words and images.

They will work with filmmakers, animators and photographers to create short films which will help express what ADHD or dyslexia means for them.

The series aims to “promote understanding of the lived experiences of neurodivergent people, tackling the prejudice and stigma they can face”, the broadcaster said.

It also hopes to acknowledge the “challenges of these conditions as well as celebrating their benefits”.

Packham said: “The response we had to Inside Our Autistic Minds has been unparalleled.

“I have never encountered such a positive reaction to any programme I have been a part of.

“Central to this reaction has been people saying that we facilitated a greater understanding of autistic minds and banished many misunderstandings about the condition.

“ADHD and dyslexia are both equally misunderstood so I am very excited about the challenge of exploring how they impact people’s day-to-day lives in education, work and relationships.”

Packham, 62, was diagnosed with Asperger’s in his 40s. It is an autism spectrum disorder which can have an impact on social interaction.

BBC head of commissioning of specialist factual, Jack Bootle, added: “I was moved by the response to Inside Our Autistic Minds, and delighted it resonated with such a large audience.

“As our understanding of neurodiversity increases, I’m seeing a new wave of interest in ADHD and dyslexia, so this feels like the right time to expand the Inside Our Minds brand.

“Neurodiversity is much talked about but often from the outside in. Inside Our Minds gives the microphone to neurodivergent people and allows them to lead the discussion.”

Inside Our Autistic Minds was named best specialist factual series at the Broadcast Awards.