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Zan's Wildlife Diary: An easily found but undervalued bird

DAYS are getting shorter and East Lothian has started its transformation into living art: yellow, orange and crimson splash the parks and gardens as deciduous trees with an autumnal tint start shedding their leaves, decorating the ground.

Zan's Wildlife Diary: New life on the River Esk

LAST month, I was following several families of geese and ducks from the moment of building their nests through to scrupulously sitting on eggs to finally taking care of their newly hatched chicks.

Zan's Wildlife Diary: Oystercatchers

THE Eurasian oystercatchers are large black and white wading birds with a distinctive long red bill, red eyes and pink-red legs. They develop a prominent white collar during the non-breeding season.

Zan's Wildlife Diary: Our fabulous winter visitors

SNOWY winter has arrived – Musselburgh looks stunning covered in a white, fluffy down. I cannot remember the last time we had such a fairytale start to the festive period and I am very much enjoying it.