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Tim's Tales: A first ever trip to Skateraw

I’M INSIDE Skateraw Limekiln, in case you wondered. I’m standing where once the heat could reach over 800°C as limestone was burned and turned into quicklime. The process is ancient, but during the late 18th century and into the 19th century, larger limekilns became a very common sight.

Tim's Tales: A visitor from Italy

LAST weekend, I was lucky to be invited to a historic Italian city. It was a lifetime dream, so I accepted, especially as I could take my family.

Tim's Tales: Unremarkable, yet remarkable

YOU may have seen it if you ventured to North Berwick last weekend. The sea was beautifully wild and I had never personally seen the tide so high up against the walls of the houses, although I have been told by residents of recent storms where the sea was higher, and of course the damage to the harbour wall is just one piece of evidence of the sea’s recent rages.