TEAM East Lothian (TEL) hosted an open event on June 17.

Athletes came from as far afield as Kilmarnock, Giffnock and Shettleston to participate in both track and field events.

Despite extremely windy conditions, there was some very fast running, with some excellent personal bests (PBs) recorded.

The 800m was the first track event, with more than 60 competitors across eight heats.

Two athletes managed to break the two-minute barrier: Jamie Phillips of Kilmarnock was the fastest overall with a time of 1m59.07s, closely followed by Aidan Page from TEL with a PB time of 1m59.48s.

Also competing in the 800m for TEL were Innes Wright (2m09.58s), Jamie Smith (2m11.78s), Charlie Copp (2m18.95s), Jake Page (2m25.82s), Olivia Robbins (2m26.71s), Joe Smith (2m27.64s), Ben Krievs (2m29.32s), Cerys Wright (2m29.36s), Eily Sinclair (2m30.65s), Cristina Elliot (2m32.63s), Freya Brown (2m32.88s), Flora Henry (2m35.54s), Thomas Gornall (2m37.46s), Rachel Stevens (2m37.63s) and Ella Nicholson (2m42.81s). Innes, Charlie, Joe, Ben, Eily, Rachel and Thomas all achieved new PB times.

Runners competing from other East Lothian clubs were Emily Atkinson (Haddington, 2m41.37s), Harry McCluskey (Haddington, 2m42.16s), Imogen Turner (Musselburgh, 2m49.60a), Ava Rose Curtis (Musselburgh, 2m53.43s), Adam Connolly (Dunbar, 2m55.23s), Florence Bailey (Haddington, 3m01.90s), Sophie Brunton (Dunbar, 3m08.42s), Isabelle Kerr (Haddington, 3m08.87s) and Hannah Connolly (Dunbar, 3m16.89s).

Team East Lothian hosted an open event last month

Eleven athletes took to the track for the 400m time trial, with the fastest male and female both from TEL: Cameron Smith (52.29s) and Aoife Swan-Ashe (1m07.76s, PB).

The frame running was one of the highlights, with four TEL athletes taking part in the 100m.

Poppy Smith was first with 22.40s, with team-mates Ian Duncan (26.57s), Euan Baillie (32.83s) and Sophie Carruthers (51.62s) going very well in the event.

It was Sophie’s first time racing and she was delighted to be well under the one-minute mark.

The frame running team is coached by Jonathon Kennedy, Cameron Smith and Paralympian Maria Lyle.

There were nine quickfire heats in the 100m sprints, with the fastest athlete being Simon Okiti from Greenock Glenpark in a time of 11.21s. TEL’s Euan Grierson also competed in the fastest of the heats and ran 12.03s. Kerry Morris from TEL was the second quickest female of the evening in a time of 12.96s.

Other East Lothian runners in the 100m were Jake Nicol, Musselburgh (12.57s), Isaac Stevenson, TEL (12.74s), Rory Burns, TEL (12.99s), Hamish Hamilton-Meikle, Haddington (13.36s), Howie Allison, TEL (13.54s), Aoife Swan-Ashe, TEL (13.57s), Paddy Forsyth, Musselburgh (13.67s), Aaron Mitchell, Musselburgh (13.74s), Stella McGregor, TEL (13.78s), Laura Buchan, TEL (14.07s), Sam Renton, TEL (14.08s), Ross Dargo, Musselburgh (14.14s), Kirsten Goodall, TEL (14.47s), Layla Magee, TEL (14.55s), Archie Brown, Haddington (14.89s), Heidi Nicholson, Musselburgh (14.90s), Eilidh Sproule, TEL (15.03s), Rebecca Hill, Musselburgh (15.03s), Elliot Cameron, Musselburgh (15.18s), Martha Coates, Haddington (15.30s), Dillon Burns, Haddington (15.31s), Anna Smart, TEL (15.40), Adam Connolly, Dunbar (15.42s), Aifric Fisher, Haddington (15.73s), Elyn McInnes, Haddington (16.24s), Ava Rose Curtis, Musselburgh (16.49s), Ella Nicol, Musselburgh (16.50s), Isla Lloyd, Haddington (16.52s), Sophie Brunton, Dunbar (16.57s), Victor Tonchev, TEL (16.86), Madison Taylor, Musselburgh (16.90s), Robyn Carter, Haddington (17.31), Isabelle Kerr, Haddington (17.51s), Hannah Connolly, Dunbar (18.19s), Craig Hutchison, TEL (18.94s), and Lily Toncheva, TEL (18.98s).

Team East Lothian hosted an open event last month with athletes taking to the track and field

Two athletes competing in the 100m, Beth Connolly and Gemma Bolton, are from the TEL ‘Back to Track’ training group, and had great performances for their track return, running 14.83s and 14.98s respectively.

The group is part of a recently launched initiative by Team East Lothian to encourage adults back to track and to build back fitness in a progressive way, and is coached by Fiona Macaulay. The group is still welcoming new joiners for track and field. Email

The 5,000m run was the last track event of the evening and there was some superb pacing from the team at Central AC. Their athletes, Calum Philip and Luca Fanottoli, finished first and second, in times of 15m04.67s and 15m08.93s, with TEL’s Angus Wright running an excellent PB to finish third in 15m21.78s.

Benjamin Napier, from Dunbar Running Club, completed his 12.5 laps of the track in 20m25.93s.

Team East Lothian held an open event, with Frame Running among the events

There was also plenty of field action taking place, with 20 athletes participating in the long jump, 15 in the high jump, 10 in the javelin and five in the shot put.

The best jump from long jump flight one, which was the category for those over four metres, was from Archie Lynch from Harmeny. TEL athletes Laura Buchan (5.17m) and Stella McGregor (4.86m) were second and third in this category.

Long jump flight two was the U15 age category, and the longest jump came from Kirsten Goodall of Team East Lothian, with a PB distance of 4.52m.

Rebecca Hill and Naomi Finnie, both from Musselburgh, were second and third, with jumps of 3.91m and 3.88m.

Also competing in the long jump from East Lothian were Morven Kenny, TEL (3.81m), Archie Brown, Haddington (3.76s), Martha Coates, Haddington (3.39m), Robyn Carter, Haddington (3.08m), Florence Bailey, Haddington (2.89m), Isabelle Kerr, Haddington (2.89m), Craig Hutchison, Musselburgh (2.56m), and Lily Toncheva from Team East Lothian (1.80m).

Joseph Miles from Wimborne had the best high jump from the 1.40m+ section, with 1.95m.

The highest jumps in the U15 category came from Paddy Forsyth of Musselburgh (1.35m) and Morven Kenny of TEL (1.30m).

Adam Hoole led the field in the mixed javelin competition with a throw of 37.48m, with Keira Waddell of Edinburgh AC the first female with a throw of 34.44m

It was a one, two, three for TEL in the mixed shot put event. Hannah Hamilton-Meikle (8.99m), Gemma Bolton (7.88m, PB) and Sean Laroche (6.23m, PB).

Adam Connolly, an U11 from Dunbar Running Club, had a personal best throw of 3.98m.

Thanks were given to organisers, coaches, officials and volunteers from TEL for providing a fun and inclusive environment.