AN EAST Lothian karate club has defeated all-comers to finish top of the medal table at an international meeting.

Chris Ewing Karate clinched 32 medals – including 16 gold – at the Swedish Karate Open this month.

Thirty members of the Musselburgh-based group made the trip to Kristianstad, with athletes ranging from 10 years old to 24.

Ewing, who took up the sport when he was just six, praised the efforts of everyone involved.

He said: “It is great to watch.

“I have always got the buzz and energy that I had when I was competing.

“I’ve got lots of energy for the squad members when I am coaching and I am always hungry for them to do as well as possible.

“That seems to pass down to them and they seem to rise to the occasion and perform well.”

The Swedish Karate Open was attended by 50 karate clubs from Denmark, Scotland, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Iceland and the host nation.

Chris Ewing Karate were top of the medal table after winning 16 gold, 10 silver and six bronze medals.

The trip was the first competition abroad for a number of the athletes as coronavirus restrictions were eased.

However, many will not be sitting at home for long.

Ewing said that there were competitions in Turkey, Egypt and the Czech Republic coming up in the next few weeks.

He added: “It’s never-ending. My weekends are round about the job, which I love.”


Kumite – boys’ 10 years +139cm: Lewis Wood (silver).

Kumite – boys’ 10 years -139cm: Charlie Reeves (gold).

Kumite – boys’ 12 years -149cm: Sami Guetarri (gold).

Kumite – boys’ 13 years -163cm: Sonny Reynolds (silver).

Kumite female cadet -47kg: Grace Cooney (silver).

Kumite female cadet -54kg: Caitlin Kelly (gold); and Lottie Burnham (bronze).

Kumite female junior -59kg: Kori Fital (gold); and Lucy Masters (bronze).

Kumite female senior -55kg: Rebecca Craig (gold); and Leona Jack (silver).

Kumite female senior -61kg: Carly McNab (silver).

Kumite girls’ 11 years +153cm Julia Duff (bronze).

Kumite girls’ 12 years -155cm: Bella Watson (silver).

Kumite girls’ 13 years +157cm: Maia Ewing (bronze).

Kumite male cadet +70kg: Zain Guetarri (silver); and Loukas Harrison (bronze).

Kumite male cadet -52kg: Joe Gallagher (gold).

Kumite male cadet -63kg: Benjamin Packwood (gold).

Kumite male cadet -70kg: Sam Mills (gold).

Kumite male junior -76kg: Cameron Furness (gold); and Scott Anderson (silver).

Kumite male junior -61kg: Daniel Lyons (bronze).

Kumite male senior +84kg: Greg Anderson (gold).

Team kumite female cadets: CEK-Association (gold).

Team kumite female juniors: CEK-Association (gold).

Team kumite female seniors: CEK-Association (gold); CEK-Association (silver).

Team kumite girls’ 13 years: CEK-Association (gold).

Team kumite male cadets: CEK-Association (gold); CEK-Association (silver).

Team kumite male juniors: CEK-Association (gold).