TALENTED hockey stars have swapped balls for toilet rolls.

Members of Ross High Hockey Club showed their skills in performing keepie-uppies with the bathroom essential.

Alison Gordon, one of the coaches, said they were trying to keep everyone busy during lockdown and giving each other something to do.

She said: “I think it is a bit of an irony that toilet rolls were a bit of a rare commodity at the start of the lockdown.

“Believe it or not, we had to do a lot of takes and some of the younger ones made it look a bit easier than it was.”

Youngsters from S1 at the Tranent secondary school right through to adults are members of the club.

Alison said they had been busy doing what they could to keep active, with a number of different challenges.

She added: “There have been a couple of individuals or teams, we’ve got a development team and a first XI, and decided to keep our spirits up and try to get everybody involved.

“There are 32 of us, with the two coaches in there as well. They were all pretty keen to get involved.”

The Covid-19 lockdown came at the worst possible time for the talented hockey players.

The first team, which has players aged between 14 and 25, were on course for title glory when the campaign was ruled null and void.

Alison added: “We had won the league.

“We had three games left to play and even if we had got beaten in those games we would still have won the league.

“But it was decided to cancel the league.”