TWO racing cousins – aged just 8 and 10 – are getting ready to go wheel-to-wheel on the racetrack.

Schoolgirls Zara Hutchinson and Isla Chisholm will line up on the starting grid at Cowdenbeath Racewall on Saturday evening.

The duo are competing in the BriSCA Micro F2 category, with more than a dozen stock car rivals – aged between seven and 11 – set to line up for the season’s opener.

Isla’s mum Laura said that the cousins were counting down to the green light, with competitors burning rubber at speeds of up to 55 kilometres per hour.

Eight-year-old Isla has been racing for six months, with Zara, 10, getting ready to make her debut.

Laura said: “They had had a few practices and Zara seems to be quick off the mark and giving Isla a very good run for her money.

“Nobody can believe it is her first time on the track with the speed she is going.

“She is keeping up with the ones who have been doing it for a few years.

“They have been go-karting through the winter, which has given them confidence on the track, and just kept their fitness up and handling the car.”

The high-adrenaline action is something which runs in the family and is now in its third generation.

Laura added: “Isla’s grandad used to race back in the 1980s.

“Her dad Andrew started racing three years ago and won a few races.

“When Isla turned seven she asked if she could start racing.

“Once Isla had been racing for six months, her cousin got the bug and her parents surprised her on Christmas morning with the car.”

Unfortunately, Isla had to take time away from the track after she broke her collarbone.

However, there was no high-speed smash – instead she was injured after falling from a swing.

Her mum told Courier Sport: “The swing got taken down!”

The schoolgirls, who both attend Dunbar Primary School, will now spend several months battling it out on racetracks across Scotland, including Cowdenbeath and Crimond, between Peterhead and Fraserburgh.

The duo, along with family members, will also head south of the Border to Skegness, with action also in Ireland and Holland.

Laura said: “The event in Holland is at one of the best tracks to go to and the Dutch are really lovely towards the Scots.”

The high-speed action, which sees the youngsters go up against boys and girls, has meant the two youngsters have had to make sacrifices as they strive for the chequered flag.

Isla’s mum added: “Isla is a ballerina by day and a stock car racer by night.

“Zara plays hockey and she really enjoys it but has given up tournaments to do this.”

Laura thanked the girls’ sponsors for all their support and urged other businesses to offer help.

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