MUSSELBURGH RFC are on the lookout for a new coach following the departure of Grant Fraser.

Fraser, who was appointed to succeed long-serving Grant Talac in the summer alongside Graeme Paterson, has had to step down from his role as backs coach of the 1st XV due to his work commitments as a firefighter.

And with Paterson now looking after 1st XV matters on his own, the Burgh boss is keen to get someone in to assist him but stressed the club would not rush an appointment.

Paterson told Courier Sport: “We’ve met a couple of people so far but it’s just about seeing whether these people are right.

“Grant [Talac, director of rugby] is leading the recruitment so we’ll be working with him.

“We’d like to get someone in but we’re not going to panic about it.”

Paterson, who took the job alongside close friend Fraser after two years at Edinburgh side Trinity Academical, was disappointed to see his friend depart just as the season got under way.

He said: “He had to step back just before the Kelso game [on September 1].

“It was unfortunate timing for him having done all the work in pre-season not to see the benefit of it.”

And the Burgh boss also praised the club’s players for taking on more responsibility since Fraser’s departure.

“The players have been very good so all credit to them,” he said

“[Former Musselburgh captain] James Doig has been helping us out a bit in the last couple of weeks but he isn’t able to commit to that for the whole season.

“The players have really stepped up and been more self sufficient which is a credit to them.

“Grant [Talac] is always about as well and the guys that look after the 2nds have been helping out as well.”

Paterson hopes it won’t be long before he has another coach in the Burgh dugout.