BOWLS enthusiast Shaun Tiffney will exchange a jack for a set of clubs as he prepares to play in the Lombard Trophy Final in Portugal.

The Musselburgh Golf Club amateur will tee off with PGA Professional Norman Huguet as they have travelled to the Algarve for the National Pro-Am Championship event today (Thursday) and tomorrow.

They will be aiming to win the £41,450 showpiece event at the Vila Sol resort.

The Honest Toun pair booked their place by winning their regional qualifier at Crieff Golf Club in June, but 24-year-old joiner Tiffney has been combining golf with bowls this summer.

But before flying to Portugal this week, he said: “My time’s been taken up by lawn bowling this summer but that’s coming to an end now and I can get out there and play my golf.

“The bowls can take over a little bit unfortunately, but I try my best to combine the two.

“I play for a local Mussselburgh club, Eskmills – I’ve been there for a long time. It’s now definitely time for a refresher on my golf.

“In bowls, it’s such a short season and so many competitions, then you can find yourself playing every day. It can get a bit stressful.

“The season starts mid to late April and it comes to an end in September.”

Tiffney has been a member at Musselburgh Golf Club for three years and got back into the game through his father.

The 24-year-old added: “He’s been a member there for a while.

“I’d played golf a little as a junior but gave up when the bowling started as I found it hard to juggle the two.

“My dad will be coming out to support me in Portugal so that’s good.

“My handicap [12] hasn’t changed since we qualified so I hope I can still play to it.”