ROSS High School fielded a boys hockey side for the first time ever last week.

They played Edinburgh school Boroughmuir – themselves achieving a similar feat – in Tranent last week, just a few weeks on from their first training session.

Teacher Eddie White told Courier Sport about how he took up the mantle.

He said: "Boys' hockey started in the school as a request from several boys who are not interested in rugby or football.

"One of the new S1 boys is also my own son and he was keen to take on hockey just like I had at school, although I have always played in defence and he is clearly a good forward, so I put on teacher and parent hats together and took up the challenge.

"At the very first session I was joined by the mum of another pupil and her eldest daughter, Olivia, who is a senior pupil and she was happy to help with the coaching and the boys really enjoy her as their coach so my role became keeper of the keys and ticker of the register. "

And White, a maths teacher at the Tranent school, thanked the girls team for their support in establishing a boys squad.

He added: "We've been lucky as the boys are committed and the support from the already established girls hockey team has been enormous.

"Lyn Taylor is a member of the hockey committee and Olivia a gifted hockey player and coach.

"Without this support, the team would not have gelled so rapidly."

And the fruits of their labour came to light last Wednesday evening as the boys played their first match, and although they lost, White said it was "brilliant to see them all together".

He added: "During the game, I took the chance to go and speak with parents from both teams and it was apparent everyone was excited to see the teams developing and it was great that there was such a big response in such a short time."