MUSSELBURGH'S two-time world darts champion Gary Anderson has been praised after lending support to a struggling opponent in a recent match.

Anderson cheered on his rival Berry van Peer, who struggled with dartitis – a condition in which a player struggles in the release of their darts – throughout the pair's match at the Grand Slam of Darts.

The 21-year-old, a former World Youth runner-up, was reduced to tears when he struggled to release his darts during his 5-1 defeat to Flying Scotsman Anderson in Wolverhampton.

The Dutchman described the condition as "very destructive", adding: "You're just trying to do the basic things in darts - to throw your dart to the board.

"It actually feels like the ground is growing away from you."

The crowd at the Civic Hall initially failed to realise the significance of the Van Peer's troubles but by the end of the match were chanting his name.

And after the match, Van Peer said Anderson was "a great gentleman" in a post on social media.

He added: "It sounds weird that your opponent is cheering you on to throw well.

“I got a treble and Gary would say 'great darts' and when the crowd were chanting he kept saying 'you can do this'."

Anderson, meanwhile, said Van Peer was "an inspiration".

He tweeted to the Dutchman: "You showed class & determination. I had to hold back the tears playing you – very hard game!.

"Hope you overcome it soon."