My reaction to Mr Hunt’s letter of March 6 re houses at Archerfield was to agree fully.

However, Mr Innes’ response the following week accuses him of being visionless – the very thing I would say his letter expresses.

Developers want to build large, expensive houses in beautiful situations because they make far more money than affordable ones. If nature gets in the way then just get rid of it.

Once they get permission for a few, like with wind turbines, these are followed up with more and more applications.

Ultimately, the coastline will be destroyed, as has happened in Spain, Portugal – and California. The beauty, habitats and wildlife will be squeezed out. What an awful vision!

Mr Innes implies it is development or nothing, which should only happen if people allow it. He says the folk in their “expensive real estate” spend money, etc on food in the area. Not much sign of that in Dirleton, as the nice wee local shop had to shut down for lack of custom.

East Lothian is a great place to live but won’t be in the long term if Mr Innes has his way.

Frank Hamilton Longniddry