WHAT a week this has been.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly excused the UK Government’s calamitous decisions saying “mistakes happen”.

He’s wrong. Accidents “happen” but mistakes are made.

Let’s be clear: Liz Truss’s “mistakes” were calculated acts of disruption that ignored Rishi Sunak’s warnings of impending disaster.

Truss resigned but then people in Scotland saw the prospect of Boris Johnson, whose multiple failings led his own cabinet to find him unfit for office, being foisted on us again.

In Ian Blackford’s view, this prompted “revulsion”.

How many in Scotland can think of a single problem to which Boris Johnson is the solution?

We won’t forget that Tory MPs and party members wanted as Prime Minister this chancer-in-chief, holidaying in the Caribbean when, as an MP, he should have been working in the House of Commons at a time of crisis.

Like Liz Truss’s budget that favoured the rich, Johnson’s desperate attempt to reclaim his ‘crown’ was an affront to decency.

MPs have been jockeying for position and power rather than governing and focusing on inflation, the cost-of-living crisis, the increase in poverty, and energy bills that impact on everyone in East Lothian.

A 10.6 per cent, inflation includes steep rises for basic essentials; those on lower incomes spend proportionately more of their weekly budget on food so inflation hits them hardest.

Pensioners – who will shortly receive the winter fuel and cost-of-living payment – and those on benefits need certainty, not confusion, and constituents in difficulty can contact me either by email at paul.mclennan.msp@parliament.scot or by writing to me at Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, EH99 1SP.

Tories decided after 45 days that they’d had enough of Truss and immediately voted again.

So here’s a question for East Lothian: if, after seven years of Brexit damage, political turmoil and financial chaos, the people of Scotland decide we’ve had enough of Westminster, can we vote again too?

The answer lies with either the Supreme Court or with Rishi Sunak, the latest Tory Prime Minister Scotland didn’t elect who was rejected by Tory party members seven weeks ago.

The colossally expensive Tory mistake of the pointless Truss premiership could have been easily avoided.

Scotland deserves better.