LADY V has a charming, sophisticated air about her.

I’m not usually attracted to her type but, during lots of energising lockdown walks together, we have become firm friends.

She loves nothing better than hanging out at Lewis & Clarke’s exceptional coffee shop in Gifford after a romp around the Yester Estate.

In case you are barking up the wrong tree, let me explain.

Lady V is my cousin’s fox red Labrador, with a penchant for the bones of my Sunday roast lamb.

I must admit, I’m not a dog person.

I have always been afraid of large dogs and will do what I can to avoid them.

East Lothian Courier: Dog ownership has increased in recent yearsDog ownership has increased in recent years

Given the increase in dog ownership is upwards of 30 per cent over the last couple of years, this can be a challenge.

I fully appreciate that having a well-loved family pet can be a huge benefit to happiness and mental health, and many dogs are the only companion of their owners.

Having said that, walking peacefully along the beach and being jumped upon by an over-friendly animal is not my idea of fun.

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We don’t let our children approach a stranger, why do we let our dogs?

Some dogs have become discombobulated and nervy after the confines of the last few years.

They may be aware of the overcrowding of their space. We have seen this change in Miss V.

Any unexpected loud noise can send her scooting onto the road, heading for the safety of the car.

In the outside seating area of a local cafe this week, a peaceful dog, sitting happily with her owner, her lead attached to a chair, unexpectedly took fright and ran in a tiz, chair in tow, straight into the cafe, knocking over anything in her path.

Shortly after, in the same area, two other dogs took a dislike to each other and started a full teeth-bared fight. Not pleasant.

To the owners of any over-enthusiastic dogs, your friendly companion can, quite frankly, frighten the living daylights out of some of us.

So, with respect, please keep them under control.