WITH celebrations for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee bank holiday popping up all over East Lothian, we should take time to become involved with as many events as we can. There is plenty on offer.

Dunbar, Musselburgh, North Berwick and Haddington, all our royal burghs and many towns are sprucing up and putting on a party. All are welcome! And don’t go hungry – there are plenty of amazing cafes and eateries to enjoy in all our towns. I’d advise booking ahead. There is nothing worse than rocking up hungry at a favourite eatery to be disappointed by the ‘fully booked’ rebuttal.

The BBC documentary Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen is a delightful and moving sharing of newly released archive footage, tracing our Queen’s life and achievements.

In it, the Queen shares the real family photos and films that reveal the ‘normalness’ of this extraordinary woman. It is a remarkable insight into a life we are so familiar with, and yet know so little.

Just like us, her life has been turned upside down by unexpected events, she has regretted decisions and worried about events that never happened. She has been elated at the birth of her children, devastated at the loss of her parents.

Just like us, she has had happy times with family and friends, and fits of the giggles in inappropriate moments.

The overall message for me reminded me of the line in the popular song, ‘I’m only human after all’. And this, I suspect, is why we love her so much. She is only human and yet she has sacrificed so much and dedicated her life to us. We can be proud to stand up and respect her.

And in the post-pandemic opening up of our towns and villages, we have every right to put aside all worries and differences, forgive mistakes and errors of judgement, and celebrate with hope for the future.

Things have been very difficult, but we all need a break. There may be trouble ahead but let’s take a leaf out of Her Majesty’s book and dance!