I agree with the views expressed recently that the recycling boxes and bag that have replaced wheelie bins in rural areas will cause problems.

I have modified one of my old wheelie bins, which is now surplus to requirements, so that it now contains all my recyclable materials separated into the boxes and bag.

The process took a few hours and involved cutting out part of the front of the old wheelie bin and installing two plywood shelves.

The two boxes now slide in and out from the front of the bin and the bag sits under the lid.

The advantage is that all of the recyclable material can now be wheeled in one bin to the roadside, the material is all contained in the bin and will not be blown around, the containers are kept off the ground and should not get dirty, and the plastic covers for the bins are unnecessary.

I am hoping the council will collect the material from this bin as it is probably a bit easier for them not having to pick up all the containers from the ground and not have to wrestle with the plastic covers.

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