David Frost, the UK’s Brexit chief, has announced that “overbearing regulations were often conceived and agreed in Brussels with little consideration of the UK national interest”.

He said: “We now have the opportunity to do things differently and ensure that Brexit freedoms are used to help businesses and citizens get on and succeed.” The PM’s spokesman added that “pounds and ounces are an easily understood and widely used unit of measurement”.

Rumbles in the press are highlighting that the powers that be are considering reverting to imperial weights! Really? Who remembers how many feet are in a yard, how many inches in a foot, how many ounces in a pound?

Ask anyone under the age of 35, our future workforce, and they’ll look at you as if you are making a joke.

You know me. I’m all for celebrating the past, basking in nostalgia, reflecting on life.

Give me retro recipes, Cadbury’s original Dairy Milk any day, a pound of sausages at the butcher’s. But that’s me.

Does anyone under the age of 35 think in imperial ever, except perhaps in the pub? We need to be realistic and accept that it is the next generation who will be making the decisions and I doubt this is on their mind.

The question is, do we need any more disruption?  Have we not been messed up enough?

I remember the hoo-ha when I was younger about changing to metric.

Britain began its switch to the metric system in 1965, eight years before we even joined the European Union!

There was a lot of worry about having to change weights and measures, recipes not working, building measurements confused. A few years later, in 1971, the pound was decimalised, causing even more upset and, with great shock, an inflationary spike.

Do we want to turn the clock back, recalibrate scales, computers, recipes, packaging? The NHS and pharmaceuticals would have to change as well. Is there not urgent investment desperately needed? It begs the question, why is it even being discussed?