Since my car’s been out of action, I have to use my own two feet to get around.

Isn’t it amazing how much you miss when sitting in a vehicle with eyes fixed on the road?

Walking around Haddington has made me more aware of the environment.

And on my way across the Victoria Bridge, I was surprised to see the muck and various items like shopping trollies and tyres thrown over the bridge into the River Tyne. What pleasure do those idiots get out of polluting the river as they do?

Look at Mr or Ms heron in this picture: is he or she enjoying standing next to a discarded tyre? I doubt it.

How long will it be before he/she is no longer to be seen because some idiots choose to pollute the environment?

Get a grip. We live in a very pleasant part of Scotland. Why spoil it with thoughtless vandalism? Take some pride in what you have and allow others to enjoy a clean environment and the wildlife which goes with it.

Ron Goldie